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Handwoven cotton extra-weft "bhujodi"scarf - purple and orange


This cotton stole is handwoven by weavers in the town of Bhujodi in Kuchchh, India. Bhujodi weavers are well-known for a signature  "extra-weft" design. The stole was woven and designed by weavers under the direction of internationally re-knowned master weaver Shamji, son of award-winning master weaver Vishram Valji. Shamji  and his brothers have experimented with their traditional extra-weft technique and taken their craft to another level, mixing in different yarns to create innovative new weaves. Shamji exhibits and presents workshops on their style of weaving all over the world. 

  • Material, Size and Cleaning

    Material: 100% cotton

    Care: Hand wash separately in cold water.  Do not soak or dry in direct sunlight. 


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