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Read what people are saying about Premaasi's products

 "I was amazed at how expertly this square kantha scarf  was embroidered.  I have seen some other scarves from other vendors and this scarf from Preeti is far above the quality of the others. It is so beautiful that I am seriously thinking of framing it.  Many days, I take it out just to  look at it.  I always find something new. 

It is soft and drapeable and just gorgeous.  As a working woman for many years, I love the concept of the website, to allow women to have an income and their own money.  I definitely will buy from them again and highly recommend them." - Kathleen B. 


"They are classy and comnfortable"

Angela T: 

"These pants are fabulous.  With the tuck and fold detail at the bottom of the legs these pants look great on any figure type.  They wash well and I simply toss in the dryer.  I take them out before they are truly dry give them a shake and hang them up.  I would love another pair in another colour.


I do love them and wear them often.  They are classy and comfortable….And seriously other colours".

Angela is also wearing a Premaasi Nakshi Kantha scarf. 


Louise T:


 "It is clear that Preeti started her business  to allow women to earn a decent wage and to be able to support themselves and their families while remaining in their homes.

 Preeti's commitment and desire to help may be the reason she started this business, but it is not the reason the business is successful. The products speak for themselves. I knew I had to own these pants the minute I spotted our friend Angela wearing hers for the first time. Not only do they look great on everyone, but the material is soft and feels luxurious. It hangs loosely and is becoming to women of all body shapes. I bought them without even trying them on because she only had one pair with her and I could not risk losing them. Even though they are light in colour they really could be warm in any season. They can be dressed up or dressed down. I will never tire of them. The more I wear them the more often I find myself reaching for them. I have received many compliments from others wanting to know where they can purchase them. 

I am only sorry these pants don’t come in other colors."



"I have received many compliments from others wanting to know where they can purchase them."


"I can’t tell you how many people, even total strangers, comment"

Barbara B.:

"I was looking for comfortable, stylish, easy to care for pants when these caught my eye. They are full at

the waist and leg and taper with a side pleat at the ankle. Luckily, I was able to try them on and happily they fit perfectly. Needless to say, I

wear them with a variety of solid color tops accessorized with a necklace and earrings making a casual but elegant outfit. I can’t tell you how many people, even total strangers, comment. If given the

chance, I tell the tale of the Indian women who weave the fabric (label states silk) and create these

pants. Of course, I don’t forget to recommend Premaasi."

"I love the touch of fabrics and especially when they are wearable art so it was not unusual when I couldn’t take my eyes off the kantha (I had no idea what it was called then) scarf an acquaintance of mine was wearing. She told me about Premaasi where I not only learned about the art of textile weaving in India but that the products are made by low-income women artisans who hand stitch saris into unique reversible scarves and shawls. I had a hard time choosing what to buy from the catalog and settled on three – one brightly colored red and green for myself and two others for gifts. You should have seen the face of my girlfriend when she opened the exquisite bag containing her soft yellow, green and black silk sari scarf – truly priceless and it is one of a kind". - Barbara B. 

I love Preeti's work promoting the artisans and NGOs supporting these artists. The beautiful textiles, garments, and jewelry influence my sense of style. I purchased a scarf and necklace for my sister for her birthday. It wasn't easy to make the final selection due to the colorful and unique styles offered. The pieces are of high quality and to perfection. I paired a scarf and necklace for her to match her colors, enhancing her own style. She loved it! It was a beautiful and memorable gift knowing it was hand-crafted and supporting women and their culture. The mix of textiles and designs is extraordinary, and she receives multiple comments every time she wears them. - Donna K.

I love the {kantha) scarf - the colors are gorgeous and the stitching on it is beautiful. The fact that the stitiching is done by low=income women who earn a livelihood based on this work is appealing. I just loved how my scarf was packaged in the silk bag and with the information about the people that did the work. - Lacey S. 

I have purchased several necklaces and scarves from Premaasi over the past years and have always been thrilled.  The upcycled silks are stunning in vibrant colors that pop. Many are the compliments I receive when wearing these incredible fabrics.  But knowing that they have been crafted by artisans from impoverished villages in India deepens the privilege of owning them.  Some of the cotton scarves are woven utilizing difficult traditional weaving techniques, a nearly lost art. I am grateful to have the opportunity to purchase something so unique that also helps someone living a difficult life far away. - Trish L. 

"I just got the package from you. Wow, the scarfs are way more beautiful than in the photos. The Ajrakh one is lovely and the kantha one too - so delicate. I got one for myself and one to give away to a friend, but now I may end up keeping both! - Meena D. 


The sari fabric necklaces caught my eye right away, the colors are so vibrant. I knew they would make a great gift. I wanted to buy one but couldn’t decide which color. I ended up buying a blue necklace and gave it to my cousin. She loved it. I was so glad because she doesn’t usually wear any jewelry. I was so touched when my friend bought me one too. I love it and get compliments whenever I wear it. It’s so pretty. The necklace can be wrapped once or twice or even up to four times around your neck, so it’s really dramatic. - Marita C.


Last week my husband and I met friends for dinner “outdoors” (but very sheltered). We wore several layers for warmth and one of mine was the blue shawl from your lovely collection. I received compliments and loved wearing it. Thank you again for introducing me to your business. I hope it is going well and imagine that is not so easy in our current state of upheaval. - Cathy A. (during the Covid pandemic) 

“The order came and everything is beautiful! I love the tie fastening on the necklace. My mother always had a preoccupation about how clothes looked from behind so she would have approved!” - Hannah F.

“I couldn’t decide on just 1 of the necklaces, so I got 4 (1-string necklaces) !” - Kathryn B.

“I get compliments every time I wear these beads” - Jan S.

“.....I love the shirt and beads too. Everything is even more beautiful in person” - Cathy A.

“Everyone loved both the beads and the shawl and when I told the story about making them with reused saris and women doing the stitching, all wanted to know where to get them” - Jessie K


Meg loved the shrug and the necklace...thanks again, and especially for getting it here on time - Judy W. 


Cindy M. and Pat H. at the Symphony! 

Cindy has on an overlay fashioned from a raw tussar silk shibori shawl. The overlay is designed and made by James Ferreira, a Mumbai based designer. It was the only he's ever made - truly one of a kind! The shawl was created by Disha, an organization that trains low-income women who were victims of domestic violence in the art of shibori, Disha is based in Rajasthan, India. 

Pat has on a peace or ahimsa silk shawl hand-block-printed in the studios of Aeshaane, India. 

"Many ladies commented on my shawl. I should give them your info!" - Pat H. 


" You know when you see something that you really like - and must have it no matter what? Well, that is the way I felt the moment I saw a colorful sari necklace around Preeti’s neck.

So, not only do I have one, but now I have seven…different colors, numbers of strands and styles. After the first purchase I was hooked, not only because of the beautiful products, but the unique story behind the business. These necklaces were made by women who get paid what their labor is worth. So, there are winners all the way around! The maker – the seller – the wearer.

I love these sari necklaces because I am wearing art, feel and look terrific and love sharing the story of this delightful company who invests back into the artisans. It’s worth checking out the Premaasi web site to see for yourself. You could become a fan like me!” - Betty M.

It was love at first sight! When I saw the silk-wrapped beaded necklace on the neck of my new friend, I knew I needed it. I persuaded her to sell it to me and thus began my collection of upcycled sari silk bead necklaces. They are so unique & colorful! They are so light and comfortable to wear! Whether one wears the 6-strand, 12-strand or a single long strand, they are the perfect accent to one's attire. Wearing these necklaces makes me feel very stylish. I eagerly anticipate enlarging my collection when I view Premaasi's newest shipment from India. Knowing that my purchase directly aids the artisans of India also adds value to my collection. - Cindy M.

Cindy is also wearing one of the upcycled silk sari kantha scarves. 


"Thought you would like to see the necklaces on two very appreciative recipients!" - Liz M. 

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