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“Transformation, punch, individuality: One or more of the above are why you should wear jewelry." - Iris Apfel

These limited-edition, statement necklaces can make you "feel like you're wearing art and look and feel terrific" 

  • Zero-waste (made from scraps left over after making sari scarves from upcyled saris)

  • One (or two) of a kind

  • Made from upcycled silk wrapped around lightweight wooden beads

  • Expertly crafted by a migrant family based in New Delhi

  • Each necklace takes about 3 to 5 days to make.

  • Create countless looks and outfits with dfferent styles and striking colors! 


The Iris sari bead necklace was inspired by, made for and worn by the Queen of Style, Iris Apfel. 

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Read what people have to say about these necklaces below

Betty M, NH

"You know when you see something that you really like - and must have it no matter what? Well, that is the way I felt the moment I saw a colorful sari necklace around Preeti’s neck. So, not only do I have 1, but now I have 7!…different colors, numbers of strands and styles. After the first purchase I was hooked, not only because of the beautiful products, but the unique story behind the business. I love these sari necklaces because I am wearing art, feel and look terrific and love sharing the story of this delightful company who invests back into the artisans. It’s worth checking out the Premaasi web website to see for yourself. You could become a fan like me!"

Marissa C, MA

"The sari fabric necklaces caught my eye right away, the colors are so vibrant. I knew they would make a great gift. I wanted to buy one but couldn’t decide which color. I ended up buying a blue necklace and gave it to my cousin. She loved it. I was so glad because she doesn’t usually wear any jewelry. I was so touched when my friend bought me one too. I love it and get compliments whenever I wear it. It’s so pretty. The (single-strand) necklace can be wrapped once or twice or even up to four times around your neck, so it’s really dramatic"

Cindy M, KS

"It was love at first sight! When I saw the silk-wrapped beaded necklace on the neck of my new friend, I knew I needed it. I persuaded her to sell it to me and thus began my collection of upcycled sari silk bead necklaces. They are so unique & colorful! They are so light and comfortable to wear! Whether one wears the 6-strand, 12-strand or a single long strand, they are the perfect accent to one's attire. Wearing these necklaces makes me feel very stylish. I eagerly anticipate enlarging my collection when I view Premaasi's newest shipment from India. Knowing that my purchase directly aids the artisans of India also adds value to my collection."

Jessie K, NY

“Everyone loved both the beads and the shawl and when I told the story about making them with reused saris and women doing the stitching, all wanted to know where to get them” 

Hannah F, CO

“The order came and everything is beautiful! I love the tie fastening on the necklace. My mother always had a preoccupation about how clothes looked from behind so she would have approved!” 

I couldn’t decide on just 1 of the necklaces, so I got 4!” - Kathryn B., KS

“I get compliments every time I wear these beads” - Jan S., NH

“.....I love the shirt and beads too. Everything is even more beautiful in person” - Cathy A., NY

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