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Founder, ethical handloom scarves, shawls, upcycled sari products

Preeti Mehta

I founded Premaasi Textiles with a mission: to inspire women (you!) with style and purpose.

I sell hand-crafted textile accessories ethically sourced from artisans in India, or support organizations that work with them. Promoting the makers and telling their stories gives meaning to their work. As lovers of style, beauty and all things handmade, I know you will find this meaning.

The idea for Premaasi Textiles is simple. I want to provide women with unique (and gorgeous!) alternatives to fast fashion products. In the words of a client, my scarves and necklaces will make you “feel like you’re wearing art, and look and feel terrific”.

By buying their products and introducing them to new markets, I keep alive the tradition and skill of craftspeople that date back generations and help inspire their children and grandchildren. I help support a living wage for the artisans and their families... and bring their stunning work to new markets.

By avoiding expensive gift shows, middlemen and complex supply chains, I can both, keep prices reasonable, and still support artisans with a living wage.  I want to give my clients another option: quality hand-crafted products, but without the high prices...“affordable luxury”.

The 200 million or so artisans in India have a right to a dignified living. Most live below the poverty line. A disaster like Covid-19 can wipe out entire communities, leaving families destitute, as it did during the worst of the epidemic.

What's in the name, anyway?

Premaasi is short for "Preeti Maasi". Maasi is "mother's sister" in Hindi. The name Premaasi is inspired by my community, both young and old that warmly call me "Preeti Maasi". In a small way, Premaasi Textiles aims to make the world a better (and more beautiful) place for them.


Want to “feel like you’re wearing art, and look and feel terrific”? Browse the collection here.


With brothers Imran and Zuber (Zia Bandhani) Khatri and their children in Bhuj, Kuchch, Gujarat


With Shyamjibhai, at his showroom in Bhujodi, Kuchchh, Gujarat


With Dayalal Kudecha and his family at his home in Bhujodi, Kuchchh,  Gujarat

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