What do we do? 

Premaasi Textiles is a social enterprise inspired by beautiful, hand-crafted textiles worldwide. We curate one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted and quality textile products.  Each piece tells a story - the story about its maker, his or her skill and technique, and the cultural heritage it represents. Many are stories of revival and innovation, where the cultural integrity and traditional designs of the artisan communities are preserved, but also innovated upon or evolved for more urban and modern markets.

How and why do we do it? 

The stories told by our hand-made products stitch together myriad narratives:  of the artisans, the social enterprises that support them, and us at Premaasi Textiles who bring the stories to you, our supporters.  We want these stories told,.

We select artisans and partners carefully.  When we can, we source directly from artisans who are paid prices they set for themselves. Our entrepreneur and NGO partners know who made the products that Premaasi buys from them.  They work to create economic opportunity and provide sustainable livelihoods and economic independence for the artisans. Most artisans and collectives are based in rural and often marginalized parts of the countries from which we source, with little access to ubrban or international markets. 

Premaasi has deep knowledge of hand-crafted textile traditions of India but is expanding reach to other parts of the world, specifically featuring hand-embroidered items from low-income women in Southeastern Madagascar. Our goal is to support artisans world-wide. 

But really, what are we trying to do? 

Premaasi's mission is to promote unique, hand-crafted textile products in the U.S. market and to educate consumers about the value of hand-made products, the techniques used to make them and the skill of the artisans. It is a platform for raising awareness, education about ethics in clothing and ultimately encouraging conscious decision-making about what we choose to buy and wear as consumers.


We believe strongly in fairness to and respect for artisans, advancing opportunities for them and honoring their creativity and immense skill.