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Hand crafted from wooden prayer beads covered in upcycled silk sari fabric with 6 strings of beads. Open ties in the back allow you to wear the necklace at any length. You can even style these by wearing them like a waistband, with the beads on one side! 


  • Total length of beaded area is approximately 13” at the shortest string
  • Length including straps is approximately 51”
  • Width of the necklace at center-point is 3”
  • Weight is approximately 45g
  • A zero-waste product
  • One piece of sari scrap can be made into several necklaces, so positioning of print may differ very slightly from the image. 
  • All orders come lovingly packed in upcycled silk bags.

Minty-Fresh Blue - Sari Bead Necklace - 6 string | blue-deep mint print

  • “…..not only do I have one, but now I have five…different colors, numbers of strands and styles. After the first purchase I was hooked, not only because of the beautiful products, but the unique story behind the business. These necklaces were made by women who get paid what their labor is worth. So, there are winners all the way around! The maker – the seller – the wearer”. - Betty M.

    “Everyone loved both the beads and the shawl and when I told the story about making them with reused saris and women doing the stitching, all wanted to know where to get them” - Jessie K.

    “The order came and everything is beautiful! I love the tie fastening on the necklace. My mother always had a preoccupation about how clothes looked from behind so she would have approved!” - Hannah F.

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