Our Upcyled Silk Sari Kantha Scarves

Our silk sari kantha scarves are rich in tradition and values.


Two pieces of silk fabric from vintage saris are stitched together and hand embroidered by home-based women artisans in the villages of West Bengal, India.  They work on the embroidery between household chores like cooking or looking after their children.  This very fine hand stitching embellishes the design giving it a stunning ripple effect.


 Each is one of a kind so you are the only person in the world wearing one! And they are reversible. 

What is Kantha? 

Kantha means "old cloth"  and refers to the age-old tradition of making quilts and blankets out of upcycled saris, much like the quilts that your own grandmother may have made. These blankets are pieces of art that are cherished for generations. Kantha also refers to the stitch itself - a small, straight running stitch.

Our upcycled silk sari scarves are an innovative take on this tradition. 

  • Reversible


  • Sustainable

  • One of a kind

  • Versatile!


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