Cream "bandhani" square scarf with small red dots and large indigo circles

Cream "bandhani" square scarf with small red dots and large indigo circles


This square scarf was handmade by master artisans Abdulaziz Khatri and Suleman Khatri from Badli, Gujarat, India. Badli is in the region of Kuchch (in Gujarat) well known for its rich textile tradition. Both Aziz and Suleman are tenth generation "bandhani" artists and are graduates of the Design School "Somaiya Kala Vidya" started by Judy Frater, an American anthropologist and designer.

Bandhani is the ancient art of Indian resist-dyeing by wrapping extremely tiny portions of fabric with thread before immersing the cloth in dye. The dye can’t penetrate the areas where the cloth is tied, leaving the background of the fabric untouched and resulting in tiny dots forming a beautiful pattern. The resulting cloth has a textured surface.

Over the last several years the brothers have innovated on traditional methods to include colors, designs and new techniques such as shibori that have broader appeal in the global market. They have attended the International Folk Art Market in Santa Fe multiple times. A few of their designs were included in the Fabric of India exhibition held at the Victoria and Albert museum in London, England, in 2016.

  • Care Instructions

    To care for your 100% silk scarf please hand-wash with care and separately in cold water using a mild detergent. Do not soak. Drip dry in shade. 

  • Material

    100% Silk