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Linear - silk bandhani scarf - blue

  • Created by tying tiny knots in the fabric in a predetermined pattern and then dyeing. The knots are untied after the fabric has been dyed, washed and dried giving the scarf it's beautiful textured look. This technique of bandhani (India's answer to tie-dye) is very similar to Kanoko shibori, a Japanese tie-dye in which very tiny bits of cloth are bound with thread to create "dots" in a specific pattern. Japanese kimono cloth is dyed this way. 

    • designed by women artisan-entrepreneurs, a mother-daughter duo based in Bhuj, Kuchchh, India
    • 100% habutai silk
    • soft and light handfeel, with a fluid drape 
    • hand-rolled hem 
    • pattern created by using bandhani (Indian tie-dye) surface design technique. Bandhani is a laborious technique where each pinch of fabric is made one by one, and then tied before being dyed. 
    • All the pinching and tying is done by women
    • Dimensions: 21" x 75"
    • This scarf is created by bandhani craftswomen in Bhuj, in Kuchchh, Gujarat. These women are repositories of this ancient skill, which involves taking the minutest pinch of fabric between two fingers and wrapping thread around the pinched cloth. This laborious process is repeated across the surface of the fabric, which is then dyed. Areas under the thread resist the dye, and upon opening, reveal a complex of tiny dots. The smaller the bandhani, the more skilled the craftswoman.

    Any variations or irregularities are part of the design and inherent to the production process.

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