handwoven cotton-silk scarf - shocking pink

handwoven cotton-silk scarf - shocking pink


This handspun and handwoven cotton and silk stole/scarf is designed and made by Women Weave, a Charitable Trust and weaving society established in 2002 in Maheshwar, Central India. 


Women Weave's founding vision is to help local women lead better lives by ensuring that handloom weaving is a profitable, sustainable, fulfilling and dignified form of livelihood for them.

WomenWeave aims to connect women weavers with sustainable livelihoods. Many of the women have never woven before and WW therefore provides them with training and opportunities for progressive skills enhancement in order to maximise their livelihood opportunities. Where women have acted as “shadow weavers”, supplementing male family member’s work, WomenWeave creates opportunities for them to gain more control over and be recognised for their labour, as well as enhance their skill-set.




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