Embroidered Purse/Make-up bag

Embroidered Purse/Make-up bag


This purse or make-up bag is hand-embroidered by Noeline, a woman in Sainte Luce, a village in rural Southeastern Madagascar.  Along with other women in the village, Noline belongs to the Stictch Sainte Luce Co-operative. 


With bright colours and unique patterns the Noline, like other women in the co-operative is inspired by the flora and traditional Malagasy wildlife found in the local nature parks and forests of rural Madagascar.


In addition to enhancing your personal style as a colorful and unique fashion accessory, it makes a thoughtful and meaningful gift.  This purse or make-up bag is completely unique as each item made by the women belonging to the Stitch Sainte Luce Cooperative is individually designed and hand-stitched. Every item comes with a name and ID tag detailing the identity of the embroiderer so that you can find out more about her and her participation in the Cooperative. 


Stitch Sainte Luce is a sustainable livelihoods program training women embroiderers in south east Madagascar. The programme has been running for seven years and is supported by a local NGO, SEED Madagascar. All of Stitch’s products are hand-embroidered on beautiful cotton with multi-coloured fabric, using designs that reflect the unique wildlife of the region. Many of the women are now able to produce their entire monthly income just from the embroidery. Read more about Stitch Sainte Luce here. 


  • Dimensions

    Height: 4.7 inches

    Width: 6.9 inches

  • Care Instructions

     To care for this beautifully embroidered piece, hand-wash it separately and gently in cold water, using a mild detergent. Do not soak. Drip dry it in shade. 


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