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cotton-silk "extra-weft" bhujodi - dyed with natural materials

  • Sumptuous colors from natural dyes like pomegranate and brazilwood make this scarf a very special piece.  It is beautifully crafted in the Kuchchh Desert, renowned for this particular type of "extra-weft" weaving. It's like creating embroidery on a loom. 

     A fabulous transition piece as summer gives in to autumn or winter gives way to spring. Or use as a stunning wall hanging. 

    • Handwoven using cotton and wild (tussar) silk 
    • Measures 22" x 72" 
    • Yarn-dyed by hand using natural dyes pomegranate rind, iron and brazilwood 
    • Textured and slightly slubby hand feel
    • Mid-weight
    • The border is inlaid with a supplementary tussar silk weft motif while the cotton and silk threads are still on the loom

    Any irregularities are inherent to the handcrafted process of this product, making it beautifully unique. 

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